Metamorphosis / Giuseppe Nasca

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Giuseppe Nasca

 Volver Agrigento 1965

I have begun to photograph around the second destination of the nineties (1995) devoting a daily appointment to the photography.
From autodidactic I have tried to learn and always to improve the photographic technique of the black and white that I feel to me more congenial for my artistic expression.
In July of 2004 my sacrifices have been repaid with the possibility offered me of a personal show (Mediterranean
sharpens of light) near the Villa Caruso Bellosguardo that it was residence of the great way Enrico Caruso in Lastra a Signa near Florence and inherent the reportage of an ancient town in the center of Sicily.
Metamorphosis has hocked me in the period among 2004 and 2005.
I am working for my next portfolio inside the world of the bread.
Other portfolio Waiting room (2002) one day with an elderly in the room where alive in a rest home (published on the website    El límite de la fotografía es nuestro propio límite
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