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Federico Tovoli

Toscana, Italia
 Volver I was born in Livorno (I) on March the sixth 1963. In 1982 I got through my school-leaving exams by the I.T.A. (Istituto Tecnico Agrario) of Pescia (Pt) and I gave up to be a student.

About one year later I got the qualification of photographer and in 1993 the one of free-lance journalist.

From 1985 to 1993 I set up as a manager of a studio. It was an interesting experience from a professional point of view, but for me it was not enough. I live at Portoferraio (Elba Island) but I am often in Livorno, where I have another office: so practically, I live in the heart of Tuscany. Before being a job, photography has been a real passion. It was my father's hobby and when I was seven I spent my time with him in the dark room. The charm of the photo, appearing above the surface of the development bath, ravished me. Years later I devoured books about the history of photography and I fell for the photos by Robert Capa, Lewis Hine, but especially for Henry Cartier Bresson.

From the age of thirteen lm, onwards I had my camera and with a roll of fibought with my savings, I made photo-reportages on varied eventsI walked through the streets of my town looking for interesting situations. I loved people, I always loved people and that's the reason why some years ago (1997-98) I prepared a photo exibition whose title was "Ordinary people". I have always been a curious person, fond of travel films and literature as well as of the journeys far from home with my family, in my childhood.

During my teens I see over many countries in Europe, far and wide, often hitch-hiking. I always wanted to see what there was bejond and what we can understand from other cultures. I always looked for that impalpable feeling of excitement and calm which a travel can give you. I have never given over travelling. During my journeys I used to take the photos I liked and back home there was the usual projection to my friends.

After a journey from India I tried to sell my slides and so I kept in touch with publishers of tourist magazines. Fourteen years have gone by and travels have turned into a job. at the moment i work as a freelance for many italian travel magazines as well as with some Germans and Spanish magazines, and I collaborate with Nazca Pictures agency.

I've on my archive approximately one hundred storyes amounting to thirtyfive thousands (35000) slides... the tranfert on CD support is in progress.

Most of the times I work with autofocus Nikon instruments, both analogic and igital. Every year I can get to make about fifteen photo-reportages either in Tuscany or elsewhere.

Each reportage has its own text. I am willing to make works on assignment. Besides geographic photo-reportages I can make portraits, art photos, varied interiors, that is every situation I came into during my travels.    El límite de la fotografía es nuestro propio límite
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